All the work we do is underpinned by the Global empowerment of Interpride.

Certified organisations and businesses must first score a minimum baseline performance and then will commit to a path of incremental improvement year on year. Once a business or organisation has been certified they will receive the Pride 365 Seal Of Approval.

The Seal of Approval will be awarded on an annual basis. This ensures that the improvements committed to are being met.

InterPride takes a holistic view of a business or organisation. Often the unsung heroes are the ones fighting for fairness and inclusion on the inside. Being certified shines a light on the work being undertaken by Human Resources and then turning the light around so that it becomes a beacon that the LGBT+ community can see and will know you are a company deserving of their ongoing loyalty and custom.

We ensure that society as a whole can see the work you do that oftentimes would go unnoticed, in effect what was once seen as a cost will become a driver of revenue.

The Interpride assessment process evaluates your business, your products or service and your ongoing commitment to the LGBT+ community. In partnership with Interpride, the Seal of Approval was launched at World Pride, Stone Wall 50 in New York July 2019.



Retain your talent, so that they feel comfortable that you are an inclusive and caring company.


Highlights to the LGBT+ community that you are a mindful and sensitive organisation that offers a comfortable environment within which to work and flourish.


This programme is ultimately driven by making sure that only the best and most worthy businesses derive revenue from the LGBT+ community.


As part of our charter we ensure that a focus is giving back funds and support to the Interpride Solidarity Fund, an initiative that promotes and sets up Prides in hostile territories.


There are two stages to the assessment…
Stage 1

The first is conducted by our team of secret shoppers who will assess both your product or service and customer care.

Stage 2

The second is our assessment programme which analyzes how your own inclusivity policies translate into practice. This will include looking at your ally networks. If you don’t have one, we will, as part of the programme, help you establish one. Once you have been through the approval process, and signed your declaration of incremental improvement plans, you then receive the Pride 365 Seal of Approval.


From our secret shoppers to our assessment, setting up an Ally Network or helping you with your own, the process takes between three weeks to a couple of months.

The Seal of Approval is an annual award. It can be renewed through a commitment towards incremental improvement year on year.

We believe that noone is perfect, all we can ask for is incremental improvement and transparency. We are willing to help any business or organisation that has the right intentions from the ground up.